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Maecenas is one of the world’s leading publishers of music for Wind Orchestras. Like all great traditions, wind music is always looking forward, and there has never been a more exciting time to be involved. Standards are rising everywhere with bands playing not only in traditional venues but also on the stages of national and international festivals, on national Radio and Television and on CDs. To meet the needs of this new generation of performers and audiences Maecenas has developed five series of works which represent a core of good wind band music and which we are sure can become the centre of your vibrant and engaging music making.

Browse through our website and discover the helpful information to be found about all our works and the specialist different series of which they are part. At the head of each series you will find definitions of style and suitability. Select a work via the details button and view the helpful information about it; timings, commercial CDs available, price and a paragraph describing the work.  You can even view the first ten pages of the score and listen to MP3 files of performances (where available), performances that are not studio edited but are ‘warts and all’ as played by average student and community bands (the MP3 files can be downloaded for your own private use). Everything is here from our unusual (non-formulaic) first pieces for beginner bands in the Genesis Series (note we didn’t say young bands), through the rewarding works in our Millennium SeriesClassic Series and Accolade Series to the most complicated ‘state of the art works’ in our prize winning International Series.

We are sure that once you find your way around our user friendly site, it will become the most essential reference tool you’ll have in your library! Enjoy.

Please click on the buttons to your left or the links below to access areas of interest.

  • Wind Bands and Ensembles
    Wind band and ensembles music for 21st century.
  • International Series
    For directors who expect wind music to reflect the state of the current music scene at large.
  • Millennium Series
    For bands and ensembles demanding more rewarding, accessible core repertoire.
  • Classic Series
    Exploring the fascinating legacy and pioneering work of earlier ages.
  • Accolade Series
    Nothing is off-limits providing it's rewarding to play and listen to.
  • Genesis Series
    Everything beginner bands require: original music by quality composers grade 2.5 or less.
  • Chamber Series
    'State of the art' wind chamber music in many styles and combinations.
  • Recommendations
    Major works which are already classics in their own time and which a good high school band would enjoy tackling.
  • Other Maecenas Catalogues
    Mixed ensembles, organ, piano duet, choir and organ, orchestra.
  • Exclusive Agency Catalogues
    Titles available through Maecenas from external agencies including LudwigMasters, Music Unlimited Limited and Latham Music.
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