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Boz Dancesfrom Master Humphrey's Clock for Wind Orchestra

Binney, Malcolm

Master Humphrey's Clock was inspired by the weekly periodical produced by Charles Dickens in which appeared a miscellany of short sketches. Malcolm Binney's work was commissioned for the Kent County Wind Orchestra, it therefore seemed appropriate that a piece writen especially for Kentish performers, should draw, for inspiration on the literarary works of one of the County's most famous inhabitants. The Boz Dances (Boz was a pseudonym under which Dickens wrote) are taken from all four parts of extended work and explore the miriad of personalities, childhood fantasies of theatre, fairy tales and imagined scenes so loved by Dickens. Great fun, inspired, exhilarating and thrilling to listen to.

Grade AB 6-7 US 4

c: 10 minutes


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Boz Dances Binney

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