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Downtown DiversionsConcerto for Trombone and Wind Band

Gorb, Adam

The piece all trombonists have been shouting for; a triumph of Gorb's stylish, almost casual brilliance, immaculate timing, melodic invention and instinctive mastery of resources. Scoring is deft, even delicate, the solo writing rewardingly characteristic while avoiding all those cringe-making trombone clichés. The gently swung, bluesy second movement is some of the best cod Jazz you will ever hear. A delight on every page and all done with the lightest of hands.

Grade AB 8 US 5

17.30 minutes

Please note. This set of parts does not include music for the soloist. A piano reduction including solo part is available for purchase separately.


Set and Score

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Piano Reduction

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CD Chevron CHVCD25 (Band of HM Royal Marines/Davis)


Score preview


Downtown Diversions move 1 Gorb

Downtown Diversions move 2 Gorb

Downtown Diversions move 3 Gorb

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