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Fagin's Ballfrom Master Humphrey's Clock

Binney, Malcolm

Charles Dickens originally published his second novel, 'Oliver Twist', in serial form between 1837 and 1839. Many memorable characters appear in the book but non as notorious as the elderly Jewish criminal Fagin. Fagin organised and trained a group of young pickpockets into who's company Oliver innocently fell after his escape from the clutches of the cruel beadle Mr Bumble and later Mrs Sowerberry and Noah Claypole, at 'Sowerberry the undertakers'.

Whatever we feel about Fagin's notorious activities, we cannot forget the fun, family feeling he brought to the little gang in his London den. Fagin's Ball exploits that special humour, but beware, Fagin was a master of the slight of hand and his mesmeric hold on his little villains was never too distant.

Duration c: 4.00 minutes


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Fagin's Ball, Malcolm Binney

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