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Farewellfor Wind Ensemble - Winner of the BASCA Award for best Wind Band work 2009

Gorb, Adam

Farewell is a large-scale symphonic Adagio written for the National Youth Wind Ensemble of Wales and is "serious" Gorb! Players are formed into two ensembles each with its own distinctive character, sometimes anguished and desperate and at other times calm and introspective. A stunning climax heralds yet a third ensemble the work closing with a haunting "dominating fourth" leaving only a solo oboe and clarinet lamenting quietly over a gently intoned modus in diabilis from the rest of the ensemble.

Grade AB 8 US 5

20 minutes


Set and Score

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CD: NMC NMC D154 (RNCM/Reynish/Rundell/Heron)


Score preview


Farewell Gorb

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