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L'homme armeVariations for Wind Ensemble (or Wind Orchestra)

Marshall, Christopher

The 15th century tune that has exercised the imaginations of generations of composers is examined from almost every angle in an extended and compelling set of variations, organised with symphonic sweep and scored with masterly resource, skill and imagination. Marshall's tour de force is successively energetic, reflective, playful, meditative and emphatic; a systematic exploration of the ensemble?s resources and colour combinations.

Grade AB 7-8 US 5

17 minutes


Set and Score

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CD Klavier K11150 (Philharmonia à Vent/Boyd)
CD Mark Custom 4949-MCD (Univ. of Kentucky/Reynish)
CD Mark Custom 6804-MCD (Ithaca WE/Reynish)


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L'Homme arme Marshall

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