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Metropolisfor Wind Band Winner of the 1994 Walter Beeler Prize

Gorb, Adam

......a tour de force.....a must for groups who want a challenging work which is rhythmically complex but tonal enough to attract a lay audience. Here is an original voice of whom we shall hear more." Winds"......his bold piece Metropolis was full of striking effects." The Guardian.

Gorb's arresting, chilling evocation of life next century, its hypertension, dehumanisation and motorway culture is already a classic. Technically demanding and not out of place in the repertoire of professional groups, Compulsive listening.

Grade AB 7-8 US 5

14 minutes


Set and Score

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CD: Klavier K11152 (RNCM Wind Ensemble/Reynish)

CD: Mark 6537-MCD (Ithica College Wind Ensemble/Winther)


Score preview


Metropolis Gorb

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