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On the way to the PenaIntroduction and Malambo for Symphonic Band

Axt, Cristian

"A Mambo to beat all Mambos".

Cristian Axt takes us to the centre of Guacho culture with his at times sultry, but mostly wild, evocation of the South American Malambo. We're lulled by the warm starlit evening on the Pampas, the prelude to the real purpose of the night. Then comes the party (Pena). Here wonderful food, beautiful women and wild dancing lead to competative males young and old battling it out on the dance floor and believe me, do they battle!

Wonderful fun, always inventive, at times grandly theatrical but always the dazzling showpiece.

Grade AB 6-7 US 4

Duration c: 9 minutes


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On the way to the Pena

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