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Paris Sketches(Homages for Band) for Wind Orchestra

Ellerby, Martin

Specially commissioned by the BASBWE Consortium to meet the requirements of bands of mixed ability and uncertain attendance, but making no artistic compromises. Poetic, humorous, wistful and thrilling, its four movements vividly evoke the spirit - and some of the composers - associated with the great city.

Grade AB 6-7 US 4

13 - 15 minutes


Set and Score

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CD: Kosei KOCD3905 (Kosei/Bostock)
CD: Klavier 11152(2RNCM/Rundell)
CD: Klavier K11124 (N.Texas/Corporon)
CD: Mark 2940-MCD (Rutgers WE/Berz)
CD: World Wind Music WWM500 055


Score preview


Paris Sketches move 1 Ellerby

Paris Sketches move 2 Ellerby

Paris Sketches move 3 Ellerby

Paris Sketches move 4 Ellerby

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