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Symphony No.1 'Prometheus'for Wind Orchestra

Basford, Daniel

Basford's 'Prometheus' Symphony owes much to English symphonists such as Walton, Elgar and Bax. Whilst not actually telling the Prometheus story it takes its main inspiration from two poems: Byron's Prometheus and Shelley's epic drama Prometheus Unbound. It is cast in four contrasting movements which between them straddle all the emotions. The first reflects the apparent kindness and sympathy Prometheus displays towards man culminating in a furious coda showing Zeus' anger for Prometheus' theft of fire and his giving it to the human race. The second is a wild scherzo, whilst the third is a slow, calm and emotive rhapsody. The fourth is a bright colourful march in rondo form which reaches a triumphant climax with Prometheus' reconciliation with Zeus and the restoration of order.

Grade AB 8 US 5

39 minutes


Set and score

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CD: PSNSCD002 Herts Wind Sinfonia/Eager



Symphony, move 1

Symphony, move 2

Symphony, move 3

Symphony, move 4

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