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Tainted Beauty; Persephone's Storyfor Wind Ensemble

Vowles, Paul

     The Lake of Pegusa
     Plucked from the Earth
     Fanfare of the Undead
     Bathing in Oblivion
     Summer Too Fleeting
     A Hateful Reunion
     Acceptance (Surrender?)

The story of Persephone, the sweet daughter of the goddess Demeter who was kidnapped by Hades and later became the Queen of the Underworld, is known all over the world.

Here Paul Vowles re-tells it through seven contrasting miniatures describing a life both charmed and turbulent. The music is lightly scored with solo opportunities throughout the ensemble. The stage is set with a gauze of delightful colour and texture, of course, never far behind are traumatic interludes of ominous darkness. Spellbinding!

Tainted Beauty; Persephone's Story, was commissioned by the Wind Conducting and Wind Ensemble Faculty of the Sherborne Summer School of Music and their director Mark Heron.

AB grade: 7 / 8   US 4 / 5

Duration c: 11.00 minutes



Set and score

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Tainted Beauty; Persephone's Story . Vowles

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