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Trad Sessionfor Wind Band

Chester, William

The Lad with the Trousers On
Si Beag Mor
Farewell to Ireland

Trad Session - definition: "An informal, often impromptu gathering at which people play Irish traditional music. Often held in pubs, trad sessions are characterised by a cacophany of sounds where anything can happen from smashing glasses to spontaneous singing or even unexpected altercations".

The chaotic soundscape surrounding a trad session served as the primary inspiration for the current work. From the outset, the intention was to create an ambitious piece that not only celebrated traditional tunes but also embraced the surrounding auditory bedlam.....and wow! has this been achieved. Not since Percy Grainger has traditional folk setting been more effective and unusual. Three great movements (each playable as separate pieces) to bring a smile to the lips of both players and audience alike.

Duration c: 9.45 minutes

Grade AB 6-7  US 4


Set and score

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Full score

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The Lad with the Trousers On

Si Beag Si Mor

Farewell to Ireland

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