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Vergenefor Oboe, Guitar, Violin, Viola and Violoncello

McAlister, Clark

Oboe, Guitar and String Trio is not a combination one meets every day, but it is an evocative one in the right hands, suggesting perhaps old paintings by such as Fragonard with their stylized gardens, temples, grottoes and pleasure-loving groups, or looking romantically back to an even earlier age and the vocal serenata where the troubadour lover sings to the object of his affections, accompanying himself on an antique ancestor of the guitar. This full hybrid period effect is achieved as the fifteenth-century melodic and rhythmic inflections rub shoulders with sweetly romantic harmonies of an undefined but definitely more recent age....

Duration: c. 10.05 minutes

A version of this work is also available for Oboe, Harp and String Trio. Please see the appropriate catalogue entry.


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Vergene McAlister

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